Does Netflix Have an Affiliate Program?

So, does Netflix have an affiliate program?  Yes.  The Netflix affiliate program is surprisingly underpromoted and utilized.  Even with the size and popularity of the both the company and streaming services, very few people are promoting it in comparison to most other programs.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is passionate about movies and TV shows; and wants to make an income from that passion.

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Make Money with Netflix Affiliate Program

You can join the affiliate program for Netflix thru a free account with FlexOffers.  Sign up with a free account there and then apply to the company.  Once approved as a Netflix affiliate, you will get your link in your FlexOffers account.  You will also go there to check the stats and reports as well as withdraw any commission.

Face it, you already tell people about shows and movies on Netflix.  You might as well get paid for it.  Anyone who gets an account or pays for a service on the platform after using your referral link, will earn you a commission.

Full disclosure; this offer seems to come and go pretty often.  It is available for a while and then it will vanish for a time.  It is unclear why this is the case and it can be rather annoying.  Catch it when it is active on the network and join.  It’s worth the wait.

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How Much is the Commission For Referrals?

Commissions are paid for each free trial sign up you refer.  The exact amount is unclear and may very well change each time the program becomes active.

This service is an easy sell, especially for anyone with an entertainment or lifestyle blog and YouTube channel.  This is a product that people already know they want.  You just have to give them a way to get to it and sign up.  Because of this fact, any amount adds up very quickly.

Now, go… make money!

join the Netflix affiliate program here

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